The latest innovation from Rayd GmbH, the contact-free multi-user multi-touch system was first publicly presented at the IAA in Frankurt on the Volkswagen stand. The Laser Touch system consists of a rotating infrared laser which scans with 50 hz, the driver is multi-user and multi-touch capable. Using the TUIO protocol you can control real-time applications like Ventuz or WPF. The driver handles non-rectangular areas or remaps areas that are not beside each other, or cover only part of the rendered surface. The Rayd Hummingbird Laser Touch system is significantly more favourable than comparable touch solutions and is very easy to install and calibrate.

The client VOLKSWAGEN and the IAA Visitors were very enthusiastic about the almost 100 ft long touch wall.

The Laser System:

  • For in- and outdoor use
  • Scanning angle max. 180°
  • Small, light and economical system
  • Real-time measurement data output via Ethernet interface
  • Rugged housing with enclosure rating of IP 67
  • Field evaluation using intelligent algorithms
  • Multiuser and multitouch capable
  • Windows driver with TUIO support (XP/Vista/Windows 7 32 and 64bit)
  • Special Ventuz functions (visible marker)
  • Remapping of scanning areas
  • Graphical user interface

Technical data:

  • Light source:    Infrarot (905 nm)
  • Laser class:    1 (IEC 60825-1 (2007-3))
  • Scanning-Angle:  max.  270 °
  • Scanning-Frequency:    25 Hz / 50 Hz
  • Angular resolution:    0,25 ° / 0,5 °
  • Range:    0,5 m … 15 m
  • Max. range with 10 % remission:    18 m

The rayd GmbH distributes the laser scanner touch system with the newly developed driver software from October 2011.

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