Especially for the Paris Motor Show 2012 our standing customer VOLKE Kommunikations-Design GmbH comes up with a special presented booth at the trade fair. The core of the stand was the   18 m feature lab. The feature lab visualized the technical innovations of the new VW Golf like an oversized tablet computer. The visitors had the possibility to become acquainted playfully with the new car on the 18 m long interaction surface with laser touch technology. During the visitors passed the interaction surface, their attention would be called of the new features of the Golf by two proximity sensors. Another two Hummingbird Lasers arranged a touch-capable presentation. Up to five people could activate it at the same time.

The feature lab would be completed by the Innovation-Wall. This Ventuz flash presentation with a resolution of 6720*2160 pixels would be synchronized by midi-timecode with the global control of the booth. It illustrated the visitor all technical details of the new Golf.