Also the 2nd season has a good start. Actually as the name implies: in this interactive webcame gameshow four children compete in a match via headset and webcam from home against a celebrity. The kids are going live to the studio and control the game with movements -like many well-known game consoles-

The innovation in this season are not only the new mini-games, but also the optimized game control. The players have the possibility to insert an interactive voice control added to the movement control. The optimized game control promised more entertainment and amusement.

The function of the celebrity is to make the game difficult for the candidates. For that purpose the celebrity has different possibilities, for example during the wizard game the celebrity can via voice control insert the four elements against the avatars of the candidates. To brave the elements the candidates have to put a hex on the celebrity -via voice control as well-. In the new underwater game the candidates have the possibilty to overcome an obstacle via voice control. If the celebrity strike the avatars, the candidates are loosing their points. The candidate with the highest score compete against the celebrity in a final competition and has the chance to win 1000 €.