15 Years of OnAir Graphics

Looking back on 15 years of broadcast graphics for extreme sports events with our friends from Rawmotion. From bikes to cars, from the mountains to the sea, from freezing cold, snowy slopes to smoldering hot desert sands – we have been everywhere. Over 70 events with custom designs, bold animations and creative overflow on all sides. What a ride!

As a team, we have learned so much during these one and a half decades, always imagining new ways to bring data to life. Each discipline brings with it unique ways of tracking and measuring results, and our goal has been to translate the excitement into compelling visual content. Our graphics don’t just transport information, they are supposed to make the viewer feel as though they are a part of the event, at the pulse of their favorite sport.

The ride ain’t over yet, we shall continue to reinvent broadcast graphics for extreme sports with every new season. So stay tuned!