iPowow – The new interactive live voting system

iPowow is the new interactive life-voting-system – inspire and involve your audience!

Within the scope of the first Red Bull Battle Grounds 2013 in New York, eight professional players battled it out in Blizzard´s award-winning strategy-game StarCraft II, fighting for the prestigeous title and 50.000 US-$.
With the help of iPowow the audience could be factored into the event easily. During the show the public had the chance to vote for specific questions. As a result the host had the abillity to maximise the benefit of contribution and feedback of the audience.

Discover the new possibilities of the interactive instant-voting-system and analyse – using realtime data – what drives your audience. The Rayd GmbH accessed the data provided by iPowow and visualised them in the OnAir graphics. Those were developed by the Rayd GmbH in Ventuz.

The Rayd GmbH has constructed a generic design, which adapts to the CI of all customers effortless.

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