App “Der Zauberbaum” Supports Breast Cancer Patients

Explaining to a child that Mom is ill is a hard thing to do, and many patients welcome any kind of help they can get. The German association “Help for the children of cancer patients” commissioned us to assist them in creating an app for the purpose of explaining breast cancer to children in an age appropriate way. The app, which was released in February, is called “Der Zauberbaum” and features videos, games and conversation guides for parents to familiarize their children with the disease.

“Der Zauberbaum” was developed for Android and iOS and has already been downloaded close to 1000 times. Eva Schumacher-Wulf, editor in chief of the breast cancer magazine „Mamma Mia!“ and a breast cancer survivor herself, called the app an ideal combination of games and information. The magazine cooperated in the development of the app and features it as a must-have on their website.

We are honored to have been a part of this project. The app has been localized to 4 languages, so that it can assist cancer patients outside of German speaking territories as well.