Audi Press Conference at Geneva Auto Show

Fresh, dynamic, bold – that is the new Audi Q2, a City-SUV designed for the young urban community. Audi travelled to Switzerland and presented this new model at the 2016 Geneva Auto Show under the motto: It’s different.

And so was the press conference. The production duo CREATORS/Rayd came up with an unconventional concept that reflected the car’s unique character. We turned the stage into a night club, invited the DJ newcomer filous and designed state-of-the-art presentation content for the 35 meter LED wall. As a special gimmick, we added a live equalizer to the real-time content that reacted dynamically to every word spoken and sound made on stage. A well-known TV moderator led through the show and posed questions from the Audi Q2 target audience to the board members, adding in short anecdotes for a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

The conference highlight was a Pixar style show: 50 CosmoPix lightbulbs, which were hanging from the hall’s ceiling, came to life and went on a search for the Audi Q2, explored its features and took the audience on a little joyride. The Audi Q2 presentation was the most talked about premiere at the 2016 Geneva Auto Show – and a great experience for us.