Launch of Audi A5/S5 in Ingolstadt

A very special event at a very special location: for the launch of the new A5/S5 Coupé, Audi invited the press to join them at their headquarters in Ingolstadt. The main plaza was transformed into an event space, and the production-duo CREATORS/Rayd was hired to create the largest presentation setup we have ever done for Audi.

Two buildings – 2000 square meters – were illuminated by 35 2k projectors. We designed animated graphics for the main phase of the presentation, which included a demonstration of the technical features of the newest model and mood animations when the press was invited into the arena to take a closer look at the cars.

The main feature however was the introduction of the cars themselves. We enhanced this moment with a tracking sequence that translated the cars’ movement in the arena onto the projection surface. To make this possible, we used a custom made optical tracking system with which we detected the positions of up to three cars at all times. This information was then sent to the presentation machine and the graphics were animated accordingly in real-time. This solution offered perfect reliability in this critical moment and served for a true wow-effect.